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beihai wetland
Distance from Heshun Ancient Town :15km Tickets:¥55

    Beihai Wetland Reserve is surrounded by mountains on all sides, with a special geographical location. It belongs to the plateau volcanic barrier lake ecosystem, a large area of land floating on the water surface; It is like a colorful giant flower blanket, with the characteristics of complex biodiversity and high productivity.
    It has high value of ecotourism and scientific research. Tengchong Beihai Wetland Reserve is a joint venture of the County Tourism Bureau, environmental protection bureau and Daju township government to establish Beihai Wetland Ecotourism Development Co., Ltd. to carry out the ecotourism protective development of the reserve. The first phase project of Beihai Wetland Reserve has been preliminarily completed, and the corresponding supporting facilities for tourism services have been built. The hardware facilities of the scenic area have been basically completed, including water, electricity, water and so on Road to achieve three links (scenic tourism line 12.5km for the national three asphalt pavement). When you enter Beihai Wetland Reserve, you will truly experience the beauty and magic of nature.