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Dieshui river waterfall
Distance from Heshun Ancient Town :3.1km Tickets:¥9

    Dayingjiang river runs through Tengchong Bazi from north to south. When it flows through the ground 1 km west of Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, it encounters a huge fault cliff.
    There are three peaks beside the cliff, standing shoulder to shoulder. The water comes out of the left gorge, falls down the deep pool from the 46 meter high cliff head, and then continues to rush forward.
    Here, the river seems to be folded into two fold, so it is commonly known as the dieshuihe waterfall.
    The waterfall flies down to the top of the rock, and the huge stone squats up. The shape of the turtle is different. There is a Taiji bridge with double hanging wall structure, which is tens of steps away from Shuikou.
    A square stone pavilion is built on the bridge, with square columns supporting the four corners, a vertical roof on it, and a Tai Chi picture engraved in the ceiling.
    Under the pavilion stands a stone tablet, engraved with the words "governor of Western Yunnan, governor of Dali Zhang shaosan (Wen Guang) founded in September of the Republic of China, Li Gengshu".
    Under the bridge, the torrent galloped, broke the green cliff, covered with white training, if the silver river fell, the snow spewed and the clouds flew, covered with endless catkins; Yu Shufei's voice is heard in the valley hundreds of steps away; Water vapor transpiration, sunlight projection, often five rainbow neon; The foam splashes around like a drizzle, flying all the year round.