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National War Cemetery Attractions
Distance from Heshun Ancient Town :3.2km Tickets:Free

    Tengchong national war cemetery is located at the foot of Xiaotuan slope on the Bank of Dieshui River, 1km southwest of Tengchong City, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. It was built to commemorate the soldiers of the 20th group army of the Chinese expeditionary army who recovered Tengchong in 1944.
    In the summer of 1944, in order to complete the strategic plan of opening up the Sino Burmese highway, the 20th group army of the Chinese expeditionary army launched a counter offensive with six divisions against the Japanese invaders who occupied Tengchong for two years. After more than 80 battles, it recovered Tengchong city on September 14, annihilated more than 6000 enemies, killed more than 8000 soldiers and more than 1000 local armed officers and soldiers, 19 allied (US) soldiers were killed.  

     Li Gengen initiated the construction of Guoshang cemetery, which covers an area of more than 80 mu. It was completed on July 7, 1945. It is the earliest and largest cemetery of Anti Japanese martyrs in China. It was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit by the State Council in 1996.   On December 2, 2017, it was selected as "the second batch of Chinese 20th century architectural heritage".